Emilia Clarke's New Pixie Haircut Makes Her Look Unrecognizable

Are you my mother (of dragons)?

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The eighth and final season of Game of Thrones is still a good eight (or more) months away, but that hasn’t stopped Emilia Clarke—AKA Daenerys Targaryen, AKA mother of dragons—from making headlines in the meantime. First, Clarke admitted that dyeing her hair blonde for GoT lowkey destroyed it, and then she made fans everywhere cry by getting a tattoo of her dragon babies on her wrist. And now, she's made another move: Clarke chopped her hair into a short, itty-bitty pixie cut that makes her look almost completely unrecognizable.

The Cut

Clarke’s new haircut was first seen last night at a Florence + The Machine concert at the Hollywood Bowl in California, where she wire a green blazer, gold hoops, and jeans. As pointed out by Harper’s BazaarClarke has been photographed in the same emerald blazer multiple times as of late—including in her recent Instagram photo showing off her tattoo—but don’t be fooled; her haircut is completely new, and insanely gorgeous.

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Though the actress is a natural brunette, she’s spent the last year wearing her hair platinum blonde—a decision that Clarke says cost her “having nice hair.” But now, she seems to have chopped off all of the damage in favor of an angled pixie cut, with longer layers that frame her face before gradually getting shorter towards the back.

I don’t know if it’s the green blazer (can I have?) or the coral lipstick or whole combo together, but I’m having a deep desire to chop off all of my curls in an attempt to recreate this look (though, who am I kidding—it will most definitely be disastrous). At this rate, though, Clarke may or may not show up with a buzzcut by the end of the year. And, honestly, it’d probably look bomb.

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