People Are Using "Nose Lifters" to Hack Plastic Surgery Without Going Under the Knife

But there is (of course) a major catch.

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A nose job remains one of the most popular cosmetic procedures in the country, with almost a quarter-million of them performed (opens in new tab) in 2015 alone. Of course, if you've ever watched a show like Botched or Doctor 90210 and seen how some types of jobs are done—the tap-tap-tap of a tiny hammer and chisel breaking the bone—you'd be understandably terrified of rhinoplasty.

Well, there's a new way to dip your toe into the process of reshaping: nose lifters. For a fraction of the cost, you can bring home an itsy-bitsy splint made of soft PVC plastic and experiment with reshaping your nostrils or your nose's tip.

The plastic pieces work almost like a tension rod, pressing against two sides of your nostril to prop up the tip in a new way. As that's admittedly uncomfortable, they recommend only wearing the device for an hour at a time during the first week.

Does it really work? Check out the before-and-after photos (opens in new tab) and judge for yourself, or consider shipping in a $25 investment from East Asia.

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Hey, it's no more insane than Amy from Little Women wearing a clothespin on her nose to sleep in the hopes of shrinking her bridge! Beauty is pain.

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