"Unicorn Armpit Hair" Is the Best Beauty Trend of 2019 So Far

You have to see these photos.

armpit hair
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It's 2019. We need to stop shaming women who refuse to succumb to stereotypical gender norms—women have every right to embrace their body hair. Gloriously, the first month of the new year has been dubbed "Januhairy," an ongoing celebration on social media encouraging women to grow out and show off their body hair. Now, women are dynamic, radiant, vibrant beings—so, naturally, Januhairy got really colorful. On Instagram, some women are dying their armpit hair in rainbow shades and calling them #UnicornPits. Girls just wanna have fun.

To give you a bit of context, People reports that one of the originators of the unicorn pit trend is YouTuber Official Rainbow Girl. Back in 2016, she uploaded a tutorial on how to dye your armpit hair a rainbow color, which racked up over 616,000 views.

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The trend has resurged in 2019, and people everywhere are making the world a little brighter with their unicorn pits.

unicorn armpits
unicorn armpits
unicorn armpits
unicorn armpits
unicorn armpits
unicorn armpits
unicorn armpits

Thankfully, the beauty industry is catching on. 2018 introduced the onset of forward-thinking beauty brands like Billie, who openly share empowering imagery of women with body hair and have championed the idea of shaving off gender norms for good.

unicorn armpits

IMO, America could really use this sprinkle of color on social media because things are looking a little dark. Haters are gonna hate, but I'm so here for it.

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