9 Pretty Spring 2019 Makeup Trends You're Going to See Everywhere

The vibe: vibrant.

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When the sun comes out in the spring, you get to taste your favorite in-season fruits, pull out your flowy dresses, and fill your space with fresh flowers. You also may feel liberated to have more fun with your makeup, because the next few months are the perfect time to press restart and try new things.

Perhaps you trade the moody, dark lipsticks you've been wearing all winter for bright, vibrant shades. Or, you do a little extra with your highlighter because your skin is bound to catch the natural light from the sun's reflection (we all know selfies come out way better in the spring and summer).

You should feel empowered to play with color and go all out with your skin's glow this spring—just because you can. From colorful mascara to ultra-bronzed skin, here are nine makeup trends to get you in a spring state of mind.

Rainbow Eyeshadow

Put the neutral palette you've been using for all of eternity down. Spring calls for color, and subtlety is overrated. Rainbow-dusted eyes are truly picturesque. Why pick one color when all can collectively look cohesive and cool? The final result looks more complicated than the process actually is. Simply place the shades of your choosing in concentrated areas on your eye, then take a fluffy brush to blend.

Get the look: For super pigmented, pretty pastels, try Fenty Beauty Galaxy Eyeshadow Palette ($59).


Bold Eyeliner

Jet-black and brown eyeliners are classic colors—but I promise you, they're not going anywhere. I get it, they match your hair color and skin tone, so you've stuck to the same liner for as long as you can remember because it goes with the rest of your makeup and is easy. See, that's called staying in your comfort zone. Allow all the vibrant colors from freshly bloomed spring flowers to inspire you to go bold with your liner. Retro blue, vibrant violet, or a bright fuschia will add an element of surprise and make your eyes pop. And, you don't have to worry about a lip color because your liner steals all the attention.

Get the look: The rich and vibrant shades in NYX Off Tropic Pro Liner ($5) have a great color payoff and won't fade throughout the day because of they're water-resistant.


Monochromatic Makeup

Maintaining a makeup theme is a thing now. Rather than figure out which shades will complement on another, simply stick with one or two tones that are similar to save yourself from having to piece together that puzzle. Go for peachy pastels that feel like spring, and work that color into your eyes, cheeks, and lips.

Get the look: Try the Too Faced Just Peachy Velvet Matte Eyeshadow Palette ($45).


That I Just-Left-My-Facialist Skin

We're all chasing that I-just-left-my-facialist glow at all times. But when you're a busy woman with a crazy-packed calendar, you have to make do. This spring, a skin-first, makeup-second approach is a lewk you should 100-percent rock. Reach for a lightweight foundation powder or bronzer for a bit of coverage if you want, but focus on letting your skin's radiance shine through. I'm daydreaming about the sunny, glistening skin days and all the dewyness ahead. For now, in the midst of winter, add a drop of face oil to your foundation to amp up your skin's natural glow.

Get the look: Your skin will love the silky sensation of Drunk Elephant Virgin Marula Luxury Oil ($72).


Colorful Mascara

You already know the drill: trade your boring black mascara for a colored mascara—just look at how drop-dead gorgeous it looks. Stop thinking you can't "pull it off" because you absolutely can, and I'm demanding that you have more fun with your beauty choices. Although, yes, colorful mascara does make it look like you tried with your makeup, it's a true lazy girl move because you don't even have to think about jazzing up any other area on your face, and your selfie will still be fire.

Get the look: You can literally try all of the poppy shades in Sephora Collection Volume ON Mascara because they're only $10.


Neon Lips

To convince you even more to become buds with bright colors this spring, here comes trend #7: neon lips. Bright coral, fiery red, and hot pink hues are unapologetically cool and breathe so much life into your makeup.

Get the look: The "all out party pink," a.k.a. Deck of Scarlet Liquid Lipstick in Trouble ($23).


Glossy Makeup

Glossy makeup will literally make your skin glisten like no other. It's possible to wear high-shine makeup without it feeling sticky while simultaneously slipping and sliding throughout the day. I've felt that beauty hell before, and it was horrendous. Thankfully, you don't have to because the glossy makeup movement has ushered in thoughtful formulas for products that makes the trend easily wearable for an extended period of time.

Get the look: Dab Milk Makeup Face Gloss ($10) anywhere you're seeking a glossy glow.


A Bronzed, Golden Glow

Who doesn't want to look like a bronzed goddess dripping in gold with a glow that's practically blinding? To supplement your 2019 goals you need to have glow goals this spring, and add this photo to your mood board. Reach for champagne gold and metallic hues to give your skin a sun-kissed effect.

Get the look: Try Charlotte Tilbury Eyes to Mesmerize Cream Eyeshadow in Bette ($32) for a no-fuss kind of sparkle.


Pretty in Pink

Paint your face in a sea of pink this spring. Why? Well, it's clearly the it-color right now being that it was the most worn technicolor at the 2019 Oscars. Embrace this feminine shade all the way this season. Deep rosey hues look stunning on dark skin tones and pastel pinks complement fair complexions the best.

Get the look: Indulge in the universally flattering pink shades offered in the new NARS Exposed Cheek Palette ($59).


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