Why Dyson's New Cordless Flat Iron Is Worth It

A breakdown of the brand's latest innovation that everyone's talking about.

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Hi you beautiful human, welcome back to Worth It, my bi-weekly breakdown of the absolute best new beauty product I've tried. Sure, splurging on makeup or skincare is a risk, but trust that this beauty editor will only recommend something I wholeheartedly believe is worth every penny. Because you deserve the best of the best. Keep reading to discover the one product you do not want to miss out on, and catch up on the latest Worth It breakdown, here.

Dyson Corrale Cordless Flat Iron


Just a ~ casual ~ $1.3 billion, seven years of research and development, and 600 hours of trials were put into the creation of this product. Dyson's latest next-level innovation, the Corrale cordless flat iron, is where the intersection of science and styling tools collide to give you really good-looking hair. Since Dyson's launch in 1993, the brand has revolutionized the ways in which tools and technology enhance our every day lives. From the cordless vacuum cleaners to the best-selling Dyson Airwrap, the brand continues to one-up itself with what it does best: battery technology.

This flat iron is proof. It powerfully performs un-corded (or corded, if you prefer) thanks to its flexing plates to safely shape and gather your hair without the risk of heat damage. It's the first flat iron with patented flexing corralling plate technology (hence the "Corrale" name) and it uses heat control intelligence to evenly apply the right amount of tension throughout. "We discovered that if the plates could conform to the precise profile of the tress, then with each pass we could apply the correct tension to all the hair strands," James Dyson, founder and chief engineer said in a statement. "We engineered unique flexing plates of magnesium copper, wired eroded to a precise accuracy of 65 microns to adapt to the shape of the hair tress. The copper plates wrap around the tress, applying even heat and tension to all the hair strands, keeping them aligned."

Convenience isn't compromised and complements its high-performance technology. In addition to its cord-free versatility, it has universal voltage, meaning the limit does not exist and you can use it any-freaking-where in the world. It also has a flight mode feature, making travel easier to meet TSA guidelines. The $500 price tag is high, but it's a one-time investment that'll make your hair look healthy and lush in the long-run. So, put your money where your hair is.


Looking at my high school graduation picture swells my heart with sadness because I was a victim of a horrible, poorly-made flat iron. My 18-year-old self didn't know any better and this straightener (that'll begrudgingly remain nameless) left me with severe heat damage that took me years to repair. Now, I take styling products seriously because I don't want to put the health of my hair in jeopardy ever again. Testing this flat iron felt like such a luxury. For one, the freedom to walk away from my vanity while styling is a game-changer—I'm addicted to the cord-free lifestyle. Secondly, it truly only takes one pass to turn my textured hair into the shiny, sleek look I'm going for (even though I love my curls, don't get it twisted!!!).

Sure, it looks a bit bulky and is not the lightest tool I've ever held, but with all of those one-of-a-kind flex plates it's carrying along with its heat intelligence powers, I'm not complaining! Plus, it comes with a stand that makes the process that much easier. There are three heat settings and I did not have to use the highest for my 4c textured curls, which speaks volumes to its claim of working well on all hair types. It takes 70 minutes to fully charge and allows me to go cord-free for a full half hour, which is magic.

After washing, conditioning, and blow-drying my curls with the Dyson Supersonic Wide Tooth Comb Attachment ($39) for textured hair, I parted my hair into generous sections because I'm impatient, and glided this through a huge helping of my hair. I kid you not, my hair straightened in seconds and there was no sizzling involved! This will forever hold a sacred spot in my Away suitcase from here on out. Several YouTubers have already reviewed this as well if you want to watch a tutorial. I'm so impressed and have texted approximately 25 of my girlfriends about this and am now sharing the wealth with you. Save up for it, splurge, and share the joy that this flat iron will bring you because your hair is worth it.


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