Glossier's New Body Hero Campaign Features WNBA Players

"All bodies are beautiful and each body is a hero."

glossier body hero
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  • Glossier launched two new body products today: The Body Hero Exfoliating Bar and the Body Hero Dry-Touch Oil Mist.
  • The campaign for the new products features WNBA players.
  • Below, three WNBA players talk to Marie Claire about what self care, body positivity, and mental health means to them.

This morning, Glossier announced the arrival of two new body products: the Body Hero Exfoliating Bar and the Body Hero Dry-Touch Oil Mist. These products will be added to the brand's body line, which already contains the cult-favorite body cream and oil-based body wash. In honor of these new members of the Glossier's sought-after line, Glossier joined up with a powerful female force for their new campaign: the WNBA.

In the coming weeks, Glossier will release self-shot videos by some of the best WNBA players that shows off their routines, self-care rituals, and daily lives. Here, three players give the scoop on what a "body hero" means to them.

Amanda Zahui B., New York Liberty

MC: Why is it important for you to be a part of this campaign?

AZB: It is important for me to be a part of this campaign because beauty and being a Body Hero is something that we all are. We need to celebrate our own beauty but also our bodies, because our bodies are all so different yet so beautiful and powerful. To be a part of a campaign that celebrates all kinds of bodies is not just itself a beautiful thing, but also a powerful move to raise awareness that all bodies are beautiful and each body is a hero, because inside of that body lives a beautiful soul.

MC: What does indulging in body care mean for you?

AZB: Indulging in body care to me means that I am doing every little thing that makes me and my body happy. This varies from day to day at times, but it is anything from moisturizing my body a little bit extra to stretching in the morning before my morning coffee. I do think that the most important part of my body care is how I speak about myself but also to myself. I feel the best and look the best when I can stand looking at myself in the mirror and compliment every single part of my body and mean it.

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Lexie Brown, Minnesota Lynx

MC: Why is it important for you to be a part of this campaign?

LB: First and foremost, I love the Glossier products and everything that they stand for. I thought it was amazing that Glossier wanted to put strong, beautiful athletes in their campaign. I feel like athletes should be representing and promoting more beauty and skincare products. This is a step in the right direction and I was so excited to be included!

MC: What does indulging in body care mean for you?

LB: Indulging in body care just means listening to your body and mind. I really think that mental health is the most important overall. If you make sure you are taking care of that, then taking care of your body is that much easier. Your body is your temple and it is our responsibility to take care of it. That could mean daily exercise, weekly massages, meditation, bike rides, or whatever your body, mind, and spirit need to radiantly go through life. For me personally, it is working out and keeping my peace.

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Gabby Williams, Chicago Sky

MC: What are you hoping people who see this campaign take away from it?

GW: I hope people take away from this campaign just how important self care is and taking care of your body on the inside as well as the outside. I also hope people learn to find what the find beautiful about themselves. I think this campaign is all about embracing what our bodies can each uniquely do, so it’s important we thank our bodies by taking care of them. That’s why body care is so important. It’s about taking the time to give our bodies some TLC.

MC: What are your favorite products and how do you use them?

GW: The Body Hero Oil Wash I use in the shower, I feel like it really hydrates my skin; And the Body Hero Daily Perfecting Cream, I use immediately after the shower, I love the way it smells and the shine it has on my skin. It’s important for me to be a part of this campaign because I get to share my experience with self acceptance and body image. It has been a long journey for me so I’m glad I have the opportunity to share my story and hopefully help others.

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