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Braided styles will forever be regarded highly for their creative takes and low-maintenance upkeep. One iteration that gets a ton of praise: The feed-in braid. This styling method is a low-tension braiding practice that creates the illusion of natural-looking braids that appear to be growing directly from the scalp, thanks to a process that involves feeding in synthetic or human braiding hair to your natural hair.

What are feed-in-braids?

Typical cornrows and braids intertwine the braiding hair from the root from the get-go, leaving behind a noticeable knot. However, the feed-in method gradually adds in hair once your natural hair has been braided midway for a sleek and seamless look. Intrigued? Take a gander at 23 stunning, screenshot-worthy styling examples to inspire your next hair transformation.

This Two-Layered, Straight-Back Style

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Obviously, there isn't a style out there that Ciara can't pull off. Here, the singer stuns in two straight-back layers of feed-in braids complete with swirls of perfectly laid baby hairs, created at the hands of Kalin Spooner for the 2020 American Music Awards.

This Cowrie Shell Ponytail

Take a style cue from this gorgeous high ponytail braided style. Accessorize by stringing in cowrie shells along the front of your style following the direction of your cornrows for a masterpiece of a look.

This Fishtail Ponytail

Take a look at this mesmerizing ponytail! Switch it up from a traditional three-strand braid by opting for a long fishtail style braid.

These Embellished Cornrows

Emulate this work of art, created at the hands of Lacy Redway for Vogue, by freestyling your own interpretation of braided designs complete with hair rings and cowrie shell accessories. Warning: Brace yourself for endless amounts of compliments.

These Fulani Braids

Go for a classic fulani braided look and add in a few hair cuffs and strings for a little extra flair.

This Braided Faux Hawk

From the star shaped accent braid to the perfectly aligned space buns, it's all in the details with this gorgeously braided faux hawk, dreamed up by hairstylist Guingui.

This Diamond Encrusted Masterpiece

This braided updo accessorized with diamonds by the amazing Shani Crowe for Allure is absolute perfection.

These Golden Blonde Goddess Braids

There is just so much beauty to digest here. From the golden blonde hue to the gorgeous placement of curls throughout this lengthy braided style, I'm utterly obsessed.

This Braided and Twisted Ponytail

Look to this mesmerizing cornrowed look complete with two-strand twists as inspiration for your next protective style.

This Beaded High Ponytail

A fierce high ponytail look will never get old. Play up your look even more by embellishing the ends of your braids with beads.

These Classic Cornrows

It doesn't get more classic than nice and neat straight-back cornrows. Take your look to the next level by opting for tailbone grazing braids and complete your style with wispy swoops of baby hairs.

This Embellished Plait

Hairstylist Tym Wallace created a work of art for Kerry Washington with this gorgeously decorated plait complete with a curly low ponytail. Add in your choice of hair cuffs and hoops to recreate this stunning look.

These Beautifully Designed Cornrows

Rihanna never ceases to amaze with her mesmerizing hairstyles and jaw-dropping style. Here, the mogul stuns on the red carpet at the 2019 British Fashion Awards in crisscrossing cornrows, dreamed up by Yusef Williams.

This Stitch Braid Style

You don't have to choose between braids and your curls; this half braided half curly 'do is the perfect iteration to try this spring. Start by creating braids in the design of your choice, stopping at the halfway point of your head. Complete your look by adding fluffy wand curls to your loose strands.

These Alternating Straight-Back Cornrows

Alternate between small and large sized braids similar to Jhene Aiko's look for a cute and simple switch up to the classic straight-back style.

This Decorated High Ponytail

These beautiful braids are one thing to praise but the perfect pairing of gold hair embellishments and accessories really takes this look over the top.

This Iconic Sculptural Look

I mean, how dope is this masterpiece created at the magical hands of Nikki Nelms on actress and activist Yara Shahidi? This sculptural braided look was inspired by one of Diana Ross' hairstyles from the iconic 1975 film Mahogany.

These Waist-Length Fulani Braids

Super long braids complete with beads? Yes please. Make sure to save a screenshot of these gorgeous fulani braids to show your braider.

These Curving Cornrows

It's all in the design with this gorgeous iteration created by The Tori J Touch Studio, based in Atlanta. Have fun with your cornrows by going for a swirled or curvy pattern.

This Braided High Bun

There's so much to take in from this look. From the super cute design to the warm hues, plus, the beautiful top knot, this style is a legit work of art.

This Jumbo Braided Ponytail

Cut your styling time in half by opting for jumbo braids. Complete your look with hair cuffs for a bedazzling finish.

These Honey Blonde Cornrows

Karrueche stuns in beautiful blonde small cornrows created at the hands of Erinn Courtney.

These Side Swept Cornrows

Rock your braids from one side like this beautiful angled iteration.


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