24 Hours with Model-Entrepreneur Emily DiDonato

The founder of Covey Skin talks luxe massages, dyeing her brows, and her Hot Girl playlist.

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Welcome to Beauty Around the Clock, Marie Claire's weekly peek into the daily lives of some of the most game-changing women in their industries. Ever wonder how they get it all done in a day? Here's your answer.

Emily DiDonato (opens in new tab)—who has walked the runways of Chanel, Givenchy, and Balmain, and starred in campaigns for Armani and Maybelline–has recently added entrepreneur to her CV. Her new line Covey Skin (opens in new tab), co-founded with Google exec Christina Uribe, launched with just three products that make for an easy, on-the-go routine. This is good, because DiDonato doesn't have time for complicated. Whether she's modeling, giving her TikTok (opens in new tab) audience behind the scenes footage of her life, or delighting her two million Instagram followers with her well-choreographed outfit changes, DiDonato is not slowing down anytime soon. Below, her must-have beauty products, the secret to dyeing blonde eyebrows, and the smoothie that keeps her feeling active.

Rise and Shine

I typically wake up at 5:30 or so. I'm naturally a very early riser, and so is my puppy. The first thing I do is go into the kitchen and make a giant Mason jar of iced oat milk latte. I wish I said, "I drink a large glass of water," but I just go straight to the coffee.

Morning Maintenance

I work out in the mornings and once I get back, I always wash my face with our First of All Cleanser (opens in new tab), follow with our Next Step Vitamin C Serum (opens in new tab), and then our Last But Not Least Moisturizer (opens in new tab). Then I always do some sort of sunscreen. We took so long to formulate our Cover products and get them right. It was a long process but it paid off. We wanted to create this universal uncomplicated skincare routine.

Power Start

I pretty much have a post-workout smoothie every day with some sort of whey protein, some sort of carb, lots of greens, almond milk, and mixed berries. Almost every day, I walk two or three miles [on the treadmill], sometimes on an incline and sometimes not, just getting steps in. For me, it's crazy important for feeling good.

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Daily Playlist

I found this new playlist on Spotify recently—it's called Hot Girl Shit, and it's great. I listen to it at the gym, and also when I'm getting ready. I love it.

Hair Help

I've gone on a journey lately. I've tried so many things but I always go back to Don't Blow It by Bumble and Bumble (opens in new tab). It lets my natural texture be a little less frizzy. Without it, my hair looks completely different every single day.

Signature Scent

Chanel's Coco Mademoiselle (opens in new tab)—I've been wearing that for years.

Cheap But Chic

I love Aquaphor (opens in new tab) for my lips. And Just For Men Beard Dye (opens in new tab) for my eyebrows. My eyebrows are so fair and blonde so I dye them.

Beauty Icon

Honestly, I would say my mom just because she's so beautiful and so minimalistic in terms of her routine. She's always so put together and laid back in a way, but still takes care of herself.

Worth It

A 90-minute deep tissue massage at a really nice spa. I used to go to Soho Sanctuary (opens in new tab) religiously. Great Jones Spa (opens in new tab) is great too. And Aire (opens in new tab) in Tribeca is amazing too for a super luxe experience.

P.M. Routine

Occasionally I'll apply some sort of retinol and I always use lip balm and hand cream.

Lights Out

I don't make it past 9:15. I am in bed at nine o'clock. My husband always wants to watch a show and I'm like, "No, I need to just be awake, in bed, but with my eyes closed."

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