The Easy — and Tasty — New Way to Tan (No Spraying Required!)

A new study promises that if you just eat some of these natural foods, you'll get a healthy glow.

J. Storey

For us pale chicks who don't want the wrinkles — or the skin cancer risk — from baking in the sun, but hate those stinky sprays, a new study provides tawny hope.

Researchers at Bristol University have found that eating plenty of fruits and veggies containing organic pigments called carotenoids can help pasty folks achieve a natural glow in as little as one month. They asked a group of Caucasians to eat a diet rich in orange and green fruits and veggies, and showed "before" and "after" pics to volunteers. The feedback? Most preferred the golden sheen of the "after" photos.

Some great sources of carotenoids include orange foods (natural ones — not Cheetos, ladies!) such as carrots, mangoes, squash, and sweet potatoes, and dark green foods such as spinach and kale. Whip up a colorful salad every day this summer and watch the glow grow.

Oh, and there's a bonus: Carotenoids just happen to be extremely powerful antioxidants, fighting the free radicals that can lead to disease and cancer. Your dermatologist will be so proud.

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