Do You Suffer from Hourglass Syndrome?


Do you suffer from an illness called hourglass syndrome?

No, it has nothing to do with your silhouette. Hourglass Syndrome is a new term coined by techno-peeps to define that blind rage you feel when your computer — and you — get sidelined by slow data processing, as indicated by that dreaded hourglass icon. A recent study released by Intel shows that we waste three days a year waiting for sluggish tech items to catch up with us, whether it's a website that won't load, a funky cell signal, or a cranky DVR box. The study also shows that half of all adults polled have had uncharacteristic tempter tantrums (mouse-banging, screen-hitting, or phone-throwing, la Naomi Campbell) in response to this new type of stress and its side effects, which can include missing out on concert tickets, plum plane seat options, and eBay treasures.

Aside from investing in faster devices, treat your Hourglass Syndrome by carrying a relaxing lavender or chamomile aromatherapy roll-on to destress on the go or use your pent-up energy to work on your real hourglass figure and do waist-whittling stomach contractions until the nagging icons disappear. At least both options are less expensive than a new keyboard!

Tell Marie Claire: Do you suffer from Hourglass Syndrome? Share your tips for relieving computer-related stress in the Comments section below!

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