The Very Special Bunch: A History of Redheads

It's burning up in here.

Nose, Lip, Hairstyle, Chin, Eyebrow, Neck, Eyelash, Chest, Blond, Collage,
(Image credit: Archives)

Nose, Lip, Hairstyle, Chin, Eyebrow, Neck, Eyelash, Chest, Blond, Collage,

(Image credit: Archives)

Redheaded ladies, you are a very special bunch. You are so special that you are a rarity — you only make up 1-2 percent of the world's population and you are less sensitive to pain than your non-redhead counterparts! Whether your tresses are burning auburn, touches of tangerine, or strands of strawberry — your unique locks are enviable, and have been copied for ages. Here are some of our favorite crimson women throughout history.

1. The Deity: Aphrodite, Before Time: Congratulations! You're hair is on the radiant Greek goddess of beauty and love, Aphrodite. This supernatural stunner is often portrayed in mythology and in paintings with cascading, burning red locks.

2. The Ruler: Elizabeth I, 1533

Highly regarded for her adept ruling abilities, Queen Elizabeth I came to the English throne in 1558, and transformed England from a weak power to a mammoth European power over her 45 year reign. Nicknamed "The Virgin Queen," the ruler had her fun, flirted, yet rebuffed many offers from potential suitors, and never married or had children. It was noted that Elizabeth sacrificed her personal happiness for the benefit of the nation. That's one badass queen for you — with quite the crimson head of hair.

3. The SupermodelSuzy Parker, 1960

From a lanky teen with auburn tresses, Suzy Parker evolved into the model of the 1950s and early 1960s, dotting every glossy in the industry. Among her feats? Parker was captured by famous photographer Richard Avedon, modeled the first bikini for a publication, was the inspiration for Audrey Hepburn's character in the movie Funny Face, and was the highest paid model of her time. Not bad for a bony, fiery-locked girl.

4. The Seductress: Jessica Rabbit, 1988

What's this fire engine red tressed character's claim to fame? It's Jessica Rabbit who starred in Who Frames Roger Rabbit, and took on quite the seductive persona.

5. The "Did You Know?" Red Head, Nicole Kidman, 1992

Fun fact: This Aussie who usually sports a straight, blonde 'do, naturally has a very curly, golden-red mane. Her back-in-the-day hair made a comeback in July 2013, when she rocked a short rouge bob for Jimmy Choo's F/W 2013 campaign.

5. The New Hollywood Actress: Jessica Chastain, Present

Chastain's glossy, romantic coif is a kaleidoscope of fiery golds and strawberry. Her hair makes it seem as if the star was born to walk the red carpet — her shade of red being the prime focus.

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