Dr. Dennis Gross' Cult-Favorite LED Mask Changed My Skin

Within weeks, I could see the difference.

Dr. Dennis Gross Skincare LED Mask Review
(Image credit: Dr. Dennis Gross Skincare)

I’m pretty much always down to try almost anything once when it comes to beauty services and gadgets—if it’s going to make my skin look healthier, brighter, or more even, I’m taking it for a test run. So I was pumped to test out one of the best-known LED light therapy masks on the market: Dennis Gross’s DRx SpectraLite™ FaceWare Pro, a cordless, hands-free, FDA-cleared mask that provides three-minute light facials. I'm thrilled to report that I did notice changes in my skin after using this device, and I'm here to tell you all about it.

Dr. Dennis Gross Skincare Collagen Boosting Essentials Set, $641 $455 at Nordstrom

Dr. Dennis Gross Skincare Collagen Boosting Essentials Set, $641 $455 at Nordstrom

This LED mask is on sale as a part of a bundle in Nordstrom's Anniversary sale. This set includes the mask, five treatments of the Alpha Beta® Extra Strength Daily Peel, and a mini size of the Vitamin C Lactic Dewy Deep Cream. 

How It Works

This mask uses three forms of LED light to treat a variety of skincare woes, and you can choose from three different treatments. The red light option targets anti-aging; the blue light targets acne; and the third option, a combination of red and blue light, claims to tackle both at once. (Red light therapy works by penetrating deep into the skin to stimulate collagen production; blue light works to destroy acne- and inflammation-causing bacteria.)

There are 100 lights in the red mode and 62 lights in the blue. If you're using the red mode, the brand claims that you’ll see an improvement in fine lines and wrinkles after 10 weeks. As for the blue mode, the brand says you'll see improvement in your acne (read: clearer skin overall) in just days, with signs of acne clearing after two weeks of using the device. However, the brand also notes that consistency is key, so using the device regularly is the best way to achieve the results at home—in both cases, the best results come after 10 weeks of use. 

How to Use It

Using the device is super simple; it comes with a head strap that’s adjustable and actually comfortable. You adjust it to fit your face, hit the “on” button, choose one of the three modes, and go about your day. I'd often use it at night when I was reading or answering emails. You don’t need to worry about keeping your eyes closed when you use the device, but it’s important that the mask fits snugly to your face. (FYI, the lights on the underside of the mask are designed to maintain a safe distance from your eyes.)

The brand recommends that you use the mask after you cleanse but before the face serums, chemical peels, and moisturizers you typically use in your routine. That's because products underneath the mask can block the light from properly entering your skin. 

You can perform one three-minute treatment per day, either in the morning or at night. However, the brand does not recommend doubling up on treatments (i.e., using the red light treatment directly followed by the blue light treatment.) After you’re done using the mask, the brand recommends wiping it down with a damp cloth or alcohol wipe to keep it clean. One full charge will get you between eight and ten treatments. 

My Review

In order for me to remember to use something new, it needs to fit seamlessly into my routine. This mask did just that. I didn’t find it heavy to wear, and it didn't feel hot or irritating on my skin. I do have fairly sensitive skin, but I’ve gotten LED treatments during facials and haven't had a reaction.

I’m 27 and wrinkles aren’t a massive issue for me just yet, so I was largely interested in using this mask to achieve a more even-looking skin tone—I'm someone who tends to have redness in my skin, as well as texture from deeply-set acne scars. I used the mask a few times a week over the course of 10 weeks and tested it on different types of acne, including active breakouts, under-the-skin cystic breakouts, and post-pimple scars across my chin and lower cheek area.  

With that in mind, I’m happy to say that my skin looked so much better while using the mask. I already use an AHA face serum to help with scars but I found that they went away so much faster when using the mask. I also noticed that I was more likely to get acne if I had gone a few days without using the mask, so it’s true what they say: consistency is key. Are all my pimples magically gone? No—I still get hormonal acne around that time of the month. However, I’ve found that I get fewer random pimples throughout my time using the mask.

Bottom Line: I can't wait to see how this mask improves my skin over time. Like many skincare treatments, consistency and use over time are key to achieving healthier-looking skin overall. My skin looks so much better after using this for the past few months, and I can't wait to see how the progress continues. 

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