The Foreo Bear Gave Me a Legit Jawline for the First Time in My Life

Prepare to be snatched and sculpted.

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Since the day I came out of the womb, I’ve had a round, cherub-esque face with chunky cheeks to boot. Don’t get me wrong: I’ve come to embrace and even enjoy my baby face—it has its perks. But that doesn’t change the fact that I’ll forever and always long for a jawline. I’m not sitting here wishing on a lucky star for a ridiculously chiseled chin a la Superman, but a little definition and/or disappearance of my double chin wouldn’t hurt. I’ve done the gua sha thing; it's okay. I’m not mentally ready to sign up for an intense skin-tightening procedure either. So with high hopes and low expectations, I decided to *really* commit to using the Foreo Bear, an at-home microcurrent device with nearly 500 five-star reviews. 

How It Works

“Microcurrent therapy uses low-level electric voltage to stimulate the muscles in the face,” explains board-certified dermatologist Dr. Karan Lal. “This therapy stimulates the system, causing the muscles to perk up.” But just like trying to build muscle elsewhere, consistency is key. And while I’ve used at-home microcurrent tools before, I kind of implemented them on a whim—one treatment before a night out, another when I woke up looking rough. But never had I ever used one religiously, aka the manner in which they were designed to be used. So, here goes nothing. 

How to Use It

First and foremost, I had to sync my pretty pink device to the accompanying app in order to power up. I then did a little investigating, perusing the customized sculpting tutorials and playing with the power modes and intensities. Fast forward 25 minutes (not sure where that time went to be quite honest) and I was actually ready to put the tool to the test. I applied the brand’s Serum Sérum Serum (but you can use any product with a good glide) and turned on my device. I settled on level six for both microcurrent and T-sonic (it goes up to level 10, FYI) and chose the two-and-a-half minute “Gentle V-Shape Yoga” treatment, which focuses on the neck and jawline. 

From there, it’s pretty self-explanatory. The lovely model on screen gives a demo on how to hold the device, where to place it, when to give your pressure points a little wiggle, and demonstrates how to get the maximum result. I’m not normally one to watch a guided tutorial, but this one is surprisingly helpful. Essentially, it provides confirmation that I’m doing the whole process properly. 

What It Feels Like

I experienced a teeny bit of tingling (think: uber-subdued static shock) that was the result of my muscles twitching underneath the skin. But, because of Foreo’s patented anti-shock system, the tingles were wayyyyy less intense than some of the other tools I’ve tried. It’s not painful in any way shape or form, but you can 100 percent feel it working. My pro tip? Apply another layer of serum if the shocks start increasing—it’ll help mitigate the feeling. Once my treatment was complete, I put on the rest of my skincare, and went about my day. 

My Results

Pure shock—that’s it, that’s my review. But in all seriousness, the results are pretty wild. Right off the bat, my face looked depuffed, lifted, and more defined. Granted, that always happens after an initial treatment. The vibrations are inherently going to promote circulation and boost lymphatic drainage, which as a result, de-puffs the face, tightens everything up, gives a glow, and makes the jawline and cheekbone look more pronounced. But fast forward a few hours and speed through a semi-okay night’s rest, and I go right back to baseline. 

Alas, that’s where the commitment factor comes into play. “Gains aren’t made overnight and persistence is key,” Dr. Lal explains. So, I chugged along. I whipped out my Foreo Bear, which fits snugly in my palm, every damn morning for weeks. Sometimes I would partake in a guided treatment, other times I would just wing it, dragging the silver plates along the contours of my face in reps of three. 

As soon as the one-week mark came around, I began noticing that the results weren’t as fleeting as they were the first go-round. I was waking up looking less puffy and bloated, so to speak. My cheekbones were more pronounced, albeit still cherub-y. Genetics, you know? It was the jawline, however, that started to take new form. I could actually see a delineation between my chin and neck. There was a visible angle—not a curve—from my ear to my jaw. The skin under my neck (ie. the double chin) was tauter and, in my very critical opinion, about 50 percent less noticeable. Now I’m not saying my jawline is now sharp enough to cut something, but there is a *major* difference after using the Foreo Bear Smart Microcurrent Facial Firming. It’s become a staple in my routine and completely exceeded my expectations. My advice? Scoop this up and prepare to get snatched.  

Samantha Holender
Beauty Editor

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