A Chic Perfume Oil Will Switch Up Your Scent Wardrobe

Your new spring scent awaits.

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I'm a fan of the regular, run-of-the-mill spritz perfume. Don't you feel luxurious when you tilt your neck to get a good angle for application? But as much as I love a classic, oil perfumes are an up-and-coming option you should pay more attention to. For starters, the wear on oil scents versus spray-on perfumes is completely different. Oil perfumes absorb and sink into your skin, leaving you with a lingering top note all-day long. While some spritz perfumes contain alcohol, which can be very drying for my sensitive-skin ladies, oil is hydrating and causes fewer allergic reactions. The companies that are releasing this scent rendition have truly created some gems.

Whether you're into florals, citrus, or musk, perfumeries have created top-notch oil perfumes that suit every need. Plus, if you're a brand loyalist, odds are that some of your favorites have an oil option for you to try. So dab on these chic oil scents (on the sides of the neck, behind the ears, and on the inner wrist) and wait for everyone who comes within six feet of you to say, "Wow, you smell so good."

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This Eco-Friendly Oil
Aventus Perfumed Oil
CREED neimanmarcus.com

You probably won't be able to pin down exactly what you're smelling when you have this perfume oil on. Is that pineapple? Vanilla? Moss? Bergamot? All of the above and more. This oil is the epitome of sweet and savory, with plenty of fruity and vanilla notes, offset with woodiness and black tea. It's everything you could ever want, and is eco-friendly and soothing for your skin.

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This Refreshingly Fruity Oil
L'Ombre dans l'Eau Perfume Oil
Diptyque neimanmarcus.com

Known for their stylish candles and impeccable scents, upgrade your beauty shelf (or purse, since this roll-on is perfectly sized for on-the-go women!) with this Diptyque perfume oil. It's fruity enough to satisfy cravings, but the atypical blackcurrant bottom notes stop you from smelling like a fruit basket.

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This Leathery Oil
Perfume Oil in Patchouli 24
Le Labo nordstrom.com

I have a California-girl soft spot for hippie-esque scents. Le Labo, of course, does it right. Forget Once Upon A Time In Hollywood vibes. This scent is more leathery, like a woman who just finished gardening and then went into her study to smoke a cigar and read a good book. There's something mysterious in this scent, like you're a lady with a secret.

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This Rose Oil
Rose Perfume Oil
kai dermstore.com

Rose is a nostalgic scent for many of us. It's uncomplicated, but it's a classic smell-good staple. As fresh as it smells, this perfume is also completely clean, with recycled packaging and a "made in the U.S." promise. It's the ideal rosy-scent: floral but not too sweet.

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This Unisex Oil
No. 02 Le Long Fond Perfume Oil
Maison Louis Marie sephora.com

This unisex scent treads the line between masculine and feminine. It has amber and musk notes topped with with cedarwood and hinoki wood. It's perfect for the woman who wants to feel just the right amount of musky, but doesn't want to veer into the tobacco-and-leather area. 

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This Unique Floral Oil
L'Huile Parfume Roller in La Tulipe
Byredo net-a-porter.com

Is there anything Byredo does wrong? This isn't your typical one-flower spritz. Byredo blends cyclamen, freesia, and tulip to create a multi-dimension scent-profile. If you're worried about smelling too sweet, there's also hints of rhubarb, wood, and vetiver too. This scent is truly a walk-in-the garden: you get the floral notes with an undercurrent of woodsy musk.

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This Unexpected Amber Oil
Amber Fragrance Oil
Nemat Perfumes nematperfumes.com

This gorgeous scent is a cult favorite that has a subtle amber scent that will sink into your skin for an all-day pick-me-up. The entire line of Exotic Perfume Oils by Nemat offers luxurious, never-too-sweet options for the girl who doesn't want everyone to know exactly which perfume she's wearing.  

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This Seductive-Smelling Oil
Trouble in Heaven Perfume Oil
Christian Louboutin neimanmarcus.com

A play on the classic Louboutin perfume, this oil gives you long-lasting amber notes with a hint of iris flowers. It's basically the definition of seductive—light and floral up top, with a subtle hint of something dark below. I recommend wearing it on a first date with a sexy stranger (bonus points if there's a yacht involved). As you wear it, the scent will blend into your skin for a naturally high-end musk.


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