Press-On Nail Kits That'll Trick Everyone Into Thinking You Just Left the Salon

You'll achieve the look of a professional-grade mani in minutes.

Don't underestimate the power of press-on nails—I'm here to make you a believer and to make your life way, way easier. Press-on nails have a reputation for being flimsy, child-like, and unreliable. But I promise, there are press-on nails out there that don't fly off your nails in five seconds and actually look cool. Like, you just left Paintbox (opens in new tab) cool. In the current climate, going to the nail salon is not an option for many of us right now. We're all for practicing being your own professional manicurist (opens in new tab) if that floats your boat, but if you'd rather spend your time at home doing other things, then opt for a five-minute nail fix instead.

Press-on nails literally take less than five minutes to apply using the adhesives that come in each kit, and can last up to a week. Five minutes for five days? Are you sold yet? Some can even last several weeks, depending on if they're reusable or not (we have options below that are). They're light years healthier for your nails, especially if you're in a rehab stage because you're coming off of back-to-back acrylics or gel manicures, which can wreak havoc on your real nails. And they're dirt cheap—all of the options below are under $16 (!). So, essentially, press-ons will save your nails, time, and money.

Maya Allen
Maya Allen

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