French Manicures Are Officially Trending Again, but with a Modern Twist

The 13 Prettiest and Modern French Manicure Ideas - Unique French-Tip Manicures

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(Image credit: Instagram)

If the last time you tried a French manicure was for your middle-school graduation, then yeah—we're with you. But French manicures are officially trending again, though this time with a few glittery, geometric, and minimalist twists.

So to get in on the look before it blows up, check out our 13 favorite designs, below, and get ready to take approximately a zillion Instagram pics.

1. Glittery, Reverse-French Nails

2. Simple Blue-Tipped Manicures  

3. Super-Skinny, Black-Lined Nails 

4. Marbled Lavender Tips 

5. Suede and Raspberry Nails 

6. Colorful Cut-Out Tips

7. Glitter-Loaded French Tips 

8. Red, Leopard-Print Tips 

9. Sky-Blue French Mani 

10. Metallic Tips and Glittery Half-Moons 

11. Black Negative-Space Tips and Cuticles