The Best Sheet Masks on Amazon That Money Can Buy

Say hello to the new stars of your online shopping cart.

Face beauty mask
(Image credit: Getty Images)

The world of K-beauty has flipped the U.S. beauty market on its head with skincare innovations, one of those being sheet masks. Sheet masks originated in Korea and have evolved into a popular skincare staple in the U.S. for several reasons. One: they're fun to do. I mean, putting on a ghostly-looking mask and spooking your significant other, or posting a sheet mask selfie on Insta, is bound to bring you joy. And second, they can seriously benefit your skin with whatever you're in need of—whether it's brightening, clarifying or acne-fighting, there's a sheet mask for that.

Thankfully, Amazon exists to fulfill all of your sheet mask dreams, at very affordable price points. Real talk: Amazon is the destination for sheet mask shopping—you'll feel like a kid in a candy shop with options galore. And the good thing is, many of these sheet masks come in family packs full of various options to meet your skin where it's at. Say sorry to your shopping cart in advance, and scroll on for the 10 top-rated sheet masks on Amazon with rave reviews.

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