The 16 Best Fall Perfumes

That crisp autumn breeze, bottled.

Perfume bottles
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While bright, airy, fruit-forward scents are ideal for withstanding the heat, the cool weather and activities that come with fall call for a shift in fragrance. I personally tend to lean towards spicy gourmands that intensify that cozy feeling of laying under a blanket or taking a brisk walk with crunchy red leaves beneath your boots. Comfort typically drives my choice in fragrance, and I like to mix and match depending on my mood and the weather. That said, there really are no rules for seasonal scents. Anything is fair game! Stick with tropical fruits if that sparks joy, or spritz on a sea-inspired scent to extend summer for a little longer.

Still, to truly get yourself into the right headspace for a relaxing fall, this might be a good time to change up your scent. That's why we've curated a list of the best scents for the new season, from rain-inspired mists to dark floral blends to warming, spicy oils that'll instantly lift your mood. Here, MC's autumnal edit, to make sure you smell heavenly straight through winter.

Taylore  Glynn

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