20 Natural Deodorants That Actually Work

No earthy stink here.

(Image credit: Frederic Cirou)

If you've ever ditched your favorite drugstore deodorant to dabble in a natural version, you understand why people are cautious about it: It's totally different from natural makeup products. Simply put, it's tough to find a natural deodorant—from paste to stick to cream—that actually does the job. My first experience with the non-aluminum stuff was in high school, thanks to my mom's health kick. The Crystal kind (the "original natural mineral salt deodorant") was a great idea in theory, but in practice, I smelled terrible and felt like everyone around me knew it (and were probably talking about it, because #highschool).

But product technology changes so much—what a time to be alive in the Glossier era—that I thought it was time to reconsider natural deodorants, especially right before prime sweat season. So I tested out everything I could get my hands on to see how far we've come. The good news? We've come far. Guys, this stuff is good. Here, 20 natural deodorants you should seriously consider.