Glossier's New Masks Are Like a Juice Cleanse for Your Face

Spinach + skin = awesome, trust me.

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When I indulge in something less than wholesome (i.e. pizza) late at night, I like to make up for it the next day by drinking a green juice. And now, thanks to Glossier, I finally have the skin equivalent for those not-so-occasional nights where I dive into bed without washing my face—sorry, Drew Barrymore.

Glossier, who made a fellow editor feel like Beyoncé with their debut skincare set, has unveiled two new face masks that serve as counterparts to one another. The first is the Mega Greens Galaxy Pack, which detoxes like with a juice cleanse, drawing out impurities and fortifying with super nutrients. It has leafy greens (spinach, parsley and cress sprout) for deep cleaning and protection against environmental pollutants, bitter orange peel for exfoliation, avocado oil for conditioning, and omega-rich antioxidants to protect against cell damage.

Then, there's the Moisturizing Moon Mask, which hydrates, brightens, and sounds like it's Stevie Nick's best kept secret. The ingredients includes moisturizing elements (such as shea butter, honey, aloe, and plant-derived squalane), licorice root and lemon extract for brightening, and hyaluronic acid for plumping.

Since it's New York Fashion Week and I've been bad about washing my face,  I thought it was high time to right all of my wrongs and test drive the duo...

First up, was the Mega Greens Galaxy Pack. The greenish-white kaolin clay was so lovely and creamy to the touch that I couldn't resist being a bit heavy-handed as I smoothed it all over my face. I was relieved to find that it didn't feel super tight or crusty like other clay masks I've tried in the past.

After my face was covered, I waited 20 minutes—during which timed I a) snapped a #maskforce selfie because in my mind, social media is integral to the Glossier experience, and b) started catching up on Scandal, where the drying mask helped keep my what the hell is happening expressions at bay.

When I removed the mask, my skin was slightly pink for a few minutes, but instantly felt cleaner, clearer, and for lack of a better term, soft as a baby's bottom. My pores have never felt less present.

Next up was the Moisturizing Moon Mask, which I slathered on with ease thanks to its rich, yet super-silky finish. In fact, it was so light and lovely that I didn't want to take it off. I decided to use it in place of my winter night cream and slept with it on. This was a glorious decision as when #IWokeUpLikeThis, my skin was dewy, bouncy, and oh so glowy.

Now, I must command you to stop everything and buy both masks—they're a totally wallet-friendly $22 each on—because I'm predicting cult-fave status on this one.

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