The 17 Best Natural Sunscreens of 2021

Better for the planet, safe for your skin—and won't leave you with a white cast.

If you’re here looking for a natural sunscreen, you probably already know what a "natural" sunscreen is. But as a quick refresher, sunscreens are divided into two categories: chemical (which use various active chemicals to absorb and disperse UV rays across your skin) and natural (which use active minerals, like zinc oxide and titanium dioxide, to reflect rays off your skin). Both are effective, but if your skin is sensitive or you're not into chemicals, natural and organic formulas, often described as mineral sunscreens, are the way to go.

How does a natural sunscreen work?

Dr. Gretchen Frieling weighted in with this nugget of wisdom: "A physical or mineral sunscreen contains ingredients such as titanium dioxide and/or iron oxide and works by sitting on the skin surface and physically blocking UV light, either by reflecting or absorbing the light. For this reason, mineral sunscreens tend to cause less skin irritation and adverse reactions. They have less reports of allergic reactions and tend to be more tolerable." And because we know you don't want to be a skin-cancer statistic (sorry to be a Debbie Downer, but one person dies of melanoma every hour), we're rounded up the very best mineral sunscreen formulas you'll want to slather on a dozen times a day.