We Tried Dryer Sheets for Your Hair, Here's The Low Down

The musings of a beauty-obsessed editor blithely trying products and (hopefully) bringing the knowledge.

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I'm just going to go ahead and say it: I don't wash my hair very often. It's curly and has a tendency to be quite dry, so usually I'll go half a week (or, let's be real, a full week) without shampoo. My schedule goes like this—I get a great blowout from my hairstylist and top confident Halli at the John Barrett Salon on Friday, work the whole "slept-in bedhead" vibe when I go out on Saturday, and then on Sunday I spritz my part with dry shampoo and pretend it's not the third day in a row I've gone without a wash. Depending on the weather (and whatever after-dark activities I subject my hair to) this either works out perfectly, or I'm left with a tangled, frizzy, not-so-fresh looking mess atop my head.

Enter: Kérastase Carré Lissant. These smoothing hair sheets look just like the ones you throw into the dryer on laundry day... and they work just as well. I decided to incorporate them into my weekend routine to see just how well they actually work.

1. They smell really, really good. Each sheet features Kerastase's signature Couture Styling fragrance, which essentially smells like a zest of grapefruit over a bed of rose petals mixed with amber and patchouli.

2. Post-blow dry static is almost completely eliminated. After my blow dry I always have a bit of static to deal with. This week, I left the salon, smoothed one of the sheets over my roots and watched them disappear.

3. It livened up my dull slept-in 'do. I woke up on Saturday with my usual slightly messy, slighty frizzy second day hair and used another sheet. It warded off a bunch of the frizz, added shine, and somehow made my hair look less "undone."

4. The scent covers greasy-party smell, tames flyaways. I rubbed another sheet all over my head and realized that the freshly-scented product really did what it promised: cover the not so nice smell of my unwashed hair. I ran my fingers through and put my strands up in a topknot (a style that almost always results in a ton of flyaways and frizz) and it was completely smooth. Another win for Kérastase!

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Kérastase Carré Lissant ($28) is available at kerastase-usa.com


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