Miley Cyrus Cut Her Hair in Preparation for the 2019 Met Gala

And so it begins.

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Drum roll, please: The most fabulous day in fashion is finally here, friends. Ahem, the Met Gala, of course. Stars are doing it up in preparation to look their very best for tonight, and Miley Cyrus is seemingly very excited for the Met. The star posted a series of Instagram stories walking her followers through everything she's doing to get ready for the big night.

So far, as shown on her Instagram story, she's worked out with bae...

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Instagram: @MileyCyrus

...took a walk down Met Gala memory lane by posting some fun throwbacks with her girls Zoe Kravitz and Cara Delevingne...

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Instagram: @MileyCyrus

...and reminded us all of this unforgettable spiky situation she donned a few Mets ago.

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Instagram: @MileyCyrus

Then, she posted from bed, too excited to sleep.

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Instagram: MileyCyrus

And then, boom, she surprised us all with another haircut. This time, the singer chopped off a few more inches and is wearing a shaggy blonde lob with baby bangs. She captioned her black-and-white selfie: "Fully addicted to hair cuts".

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Instagram: @MileyCyrus

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This morning before her pre-Met Gala workout, she showed a bit more of her new cut, which falls past her shoulders.

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Instagram: @MileyCyrus

Now, I'm super curious to see how she'll wear it tonight. In the past, she has not played it safe with her styles. In honor of tonight, here's a look at Ms. Miley's most iconic Met Gala hairstyles.

This sky-blue slick back circa 2015, though, is next-level.

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And this 2014 lewk, which we briefly touched on earlier, speaks for itself.

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Last year, she kept her hair a bit more modest than usual since it was more about her back, ya know?

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*Sing's J.Lo "Waiting for Tonight."* Guess we'll all just have to wait and see how hard Cyrus goes this year—though, as far as this cut's concerned, she's def starting out the day with a bang.

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