3 Hair Color Tips You've Never Heard Before (from Jen Aniston's Guy!)

Her longtime colorist Michael Canale shares his secret to getting the best hair hue.

Jennifer Aniston
(Image credit: Peter Bass/FilmMagic)

"What's your dream color?" is the first thing hair colorist Michael Canale says when you sit down in his chair, whether it's in his namesake salon in Beverly Hills or Malibu (where he's partnered with hairstylist Chris McMillan). In this cutthroat industry, there are celebrity colorists, and then there's Michael. He's THE guy that gives Jennifer Aniston her signature sun-kiss and that makes him the most sought-after colorist, not only in Hollywood, but also IN THE COUNTRY (and also explains why he travels to San Diego, New York City, and Washington, D.C. every month to see clients).

Here, Michael Canale shares his tips on how to get the best color and make it last:

1. Clean before you color

If you're coloring your hair, Canale suggests going to the salon with clean, dry hair. Dirt, oil, and product all obscure light reflection and you want your colorist to see exactly what he or she is dealing with before she starts your dye job.

2. Pre-style before you go to the salon

For the most flattering highlights, part your hair and style it as you normally would. If you usually straighten your hair, don't wear it wavy the day you go to the salon, because the highlighting technique is different depending on your finished look, explains Canale. The hair part is especially important because the colorist needs to know where to focus your highlights for the most natural effect (like Aniston's golden halo).

3. Hot water causes fading

Heat opens up the cuticle (the outer layer of your hair) where the color pigment molecules are. If you're a brunette, this is probably why you start seeing orange, according to Canale. Once the cuticle is open, it's easier for the pigment to fall out and when brown fades, it tends to go brassy (which is why it looks orange). To preserve your color's richness, wash hair in warm, not hot, water.

Not an Aniston fan? Supermodels Heidi Klum and Carolyn Murphy are also Canale clients.