26 Celebrities Who Have Mastered the Art of Strawberry Blonde Hair

Not all strawberry blondes are created equal.

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If you're a blonde or a redhead looking to make some moves this summer, you could migrate to brunette territory, but the path of least resistance is just as easy as adding some highlights or a subtle color wash that enriches your *natural* hair color. Take a gander through the best of strawberry blonde tones, ahead, that'll make you want to head straight to the colorist's chair.

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Rachel McAdams

A look that was gone far too soon, we loved Rachel McAdams foray into marmalade-colored locks.

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Isla Fisher

Isla Fisher lightens her typically flaming red hair to this gorgeous subdued golden hue. 

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Abby Lee Kershaw

If you want a more literal take on the straw-berry blonde look, have your colorist apply a pale pink wash atop a platinum dye job for this pastel style. 

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Kate Mara

Kate Mara shows how to make a lob look even more enviable with a sandy reddish hue. 

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Lindsey Lohan

Loving this golden copper hue and darks roots combo paired with Lohan's all-black number. 

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Jayma Mays

The best way to accessorize a sweet pink dress and fuchsia lips? A beautiful strawberry blonde lob with lighter and darker accents. 

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Mary-Kate Olsen

Is there anything better than a vintage Olsen photo? Correct answer: Nope, especially when it involves majestic hair that perfectly toes the is-it-red-or-is-it-blonde line.

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Evan Rachel Wood

Wood nails old-school Hollywood glam with luminous blonde highlights and Veronica Lake-esque curls.

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Christina Hendricks

Hendricks' colorist provides us with major #hairgoals thanks to this understated yet enviable shade.

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Scarlett Johansson

This slightly darker, slightly sexier tint puts a twist on the typically bright hue.

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Bella Thorne

Thorne masters the shade by adding darker roots and visible blonde highlights to her signature ginger coloring.

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Amazingly bright strawberry blonde hair? Check. Superstar shades? Check. Voice of an angel? Check.

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Nicole Kidman

Kidman can just as easily transition between her signature red hair and a bright blonde, but the middle-ground between the two looks just as natural.

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January Jones

Here, Jones goes matchy-matchy by pairing her reddish hair color with bold, copper eyes.

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Heather Graham

Ladies with pale skin take note: This version of strawberry blonde highlights your complexion rather than making you look washed out.

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Blake Lively

Blake Lively, Hollywood's Hair Queen (it's an official title), accents her strawberry blonde color with chunky blonde highlights.

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Cate Blanchett

If you're not ready to commit to a full coppery wash in your blonde hair, ask your colorist for ever-so-subtle reddish tones like Blanchett's.

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Kristen Stewart

Hair chameleon Kristen Stewart reverted back to her natural strawberry hair color for the movie On the Road, and we love the rusty undertones of her tousled locks.

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Amy Adams

Amy Adams goes a few shades lighter in this sun-kissed version of her normal auburn locks.

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Drew Barrymore

Take a page from Drew Barrymore's style booklet by matching blonde highlights with a sunny shade of gold.

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Whitney Port

We knew her as a beach-y blonde in The Hills, but here she kicks her color up several notches with a head full of caramel-russet curls.

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Jessica Chastain

Obsessed with this gorgeous color that falls in the "just right" Goldilocks realm between strawberry and blonde.

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Emma Stone

Stone goes for ombre waves here with a head full of highlights at the tips of her hair.

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Kate Bosworth

Top off a sweet strawberry blonde dye job with a complementary shade of orange-red lipstick.

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Sienna Miller

Natural blondes can mix up their color range come summer by adding brown and red color accents to their hair.

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Julia Roberts

Blonde highlights and dark roots keep this multi-tonal style from looking boring.

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