Bikini Line Dilemma

Marie Claire's beauty editors answer your questions about bikini line hair removal.

That depends on the type of hair you have, says , owner of New York City's Completely Bare salon. If it's very coarse and curly, a depilatory may be your best option as you'll reduce your chances of developing ingrowns later. Try: Nair Raspberry Raz Ma Tazz Lotion, which works in less than four minutes. For all other hair types, waxing and sugaring (which some people find less painful) are good options. Try: Marzena Liquid Wax or Sally Hansen Sugar Wax Hair Remover Kit. Just remember, don't wax right before your period when your skin is at its most sensitive. Shaving is a quick and easy solution, too. For the closest shave, apply a thick shaving gel, such as Skintimate Moisturizing Shave Gel, and use one hand to pull your skin taut while guiding the razor with the other hand.