Beyoncé Just Invented a Baseball Hat for Curly Hair, Because She Is an Actual Queen

So simple, and yet so brilliant.

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(Image credit: Topshop/Giphy)

Usually, curly hair and baseball caps don't mix. I know this, because I have pretty average, not-even-that-fluffy curls, and they still barely fit through the tiny hole in the back of a ball cap. Which means anyone with thick, kinky coils is looking at a feat of straight-up wizardry to wear a very basic piece of clothing that billions of people take for granted on a daily basis.

Huh. Almost sounds like fashion has a diversity problem, doesn't it?

But Queen Bey Almighty is not here for that bullshit. So she went ahead and created her very own backless baseball hat (basically like an oversized visor) for her fashion line Ivy Park, as first reported by Glamour, prompting fan freak-outs across the interwebs.

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The blood-red velvet cap, which has an embroidered Ivy Park logo on the front, is coming to Topshop for the low-ish price of $35.

Though it's currently out of stock, you can sign up for email notifications for when it's available again, and promptly live your best curl life, unencumbered, as Beyoncé would obviously want you to.

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