Summer's Hottest Haircut: Is It Right for You?

From the runway to the red carpet, it seems like some of the most stylish girls around are chopping off their hair for summer. Top model Karlie Kloss debuted a short bob backstage at the Victoria's Secret Fashion Show in November, and just weeks after her win for Best Actress at the Oscars, America's sweetheart Jennifer Lawrence decided to do away with her long locks in favor of a layered shag. Sure, shorter strands might seem like the easiest way to lighten up your look for the season, but beware: this look isn't for everyone. We chatted with Bumble and bumble stylist Roz Murray who gave us some key things to consider before you make the cut.

It won't necessarily keep you cool. Roz gets tons of requests for this crop at Bumble, varying in length from the chin to the collarbone. People tend to think that this cut is a lighter and cooler option for summer, but they often lose sight of the fact that you can't simply put it up. "A lot of girls are used to pulling their hair into a topknot when they get too warm, but with a bob you don't have that luxury," Roz explained.

Be sure to pick the right length for your face shape and hair texture. "You need to have a realistic expectation of your style, depending on what kind of hair and texture you have," Roz said. "If you have curly hair, remember curls jump when you cut them, so your style will look shorter once you leave the salon. You should talk to your stylist about appropriate weight removal — not necessarily layers — when going shorter. With a one-length bob, it's a matter of getting in there and removing the appropriate amount of weight with a razor or texturing tool so it doesn't go into a triangle shape." The key to keeping this style youthful and current is making sure it's shattered and broken up at the ends, which gives you a piecey, bedhead-like look.

Your personality plays a big role. Short hair means different things — and different feelings — to different people. "Some women feel less girly when they cut their hair because they imagine long "mermaid hair" as the feminine ideal," Roz said. "But others feel really sexy and empowered!"

It's not as easy to maintain as it looks. Because you can't just pull your hair back into a ponytail, when you commit to a crop, you commit to actually doing your hair everyday. Plus, it requires more frequent cuts it to keep it at at the desired length.

Less is more. When it comes to styling a short cut, it's best to play up your natural texture. "I think the Beachwaver or a wide curling iron is great for styling this look," Roz told us. "It gives you that slightly undone, wavy look that's so sought after."

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