The L'Oreal "Wonder Water" Beauty Editors Love Is 75% Off For Cyber Monday

It promises to leave your hair ten times smoother.

Wonder Water Hair Treatment Raved About By Beauty Editors
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Every now and then, a product pops up that the takes the beauty industry by storm. Such was the case with the L'Oréal Elvive Dream Lengths 8 Second Wonder Water (opens in new tab), which had beauty editors around the world falling over themselves to get the good news out there: finally, a budget beauty buy for removing tangles, combating frizz, and restoring strength and elasticity. Wonder Water launched ahead of the pandemic in January 2020 and went on to become America’s number one hair treatment, with a bottle selling every minute.

It wasn't just the experts who fell head over heels for the product—it was everyday people on the quest for better hair, too. "Miracle in the bottle," one five-star reviewer wrote. "I'm so impressed with the result. Amazing shine and softness straight after one use. Never had same satisfaction even after Olaplex treatment. Normally I have long curly/fizzy hair. This product made my hair very luxury."

Commented another: "I leave it in my hair for 3/4 minutes instead of 8 seconds. My hair is softer, has more bounce, and the ends don't look as dry."

Now the wonder product is even more affordable, with Look Fantastic offering 50 percent off in its Cyber Monday Sale (opens in new tab). Instead of $13.80, you can get the bottle and be on your way to healthier hair than ever before for just $6.90 (opens in new tab).

L’Oréal describes the product as “a game changing new hair treatment that visibly transforms lengths in just eight seconds. Hair is 10 times smoother, with glassy shine and a silky touch.” 

To use it, untwist the nozzle, designed to let you apply “doses”, and apply one dose for fine hair and two to three for thick or curly hair, plus an extra dose if your hair is very long. You should use it on the lengths only—not the scalp. Massage the product in for eight seconds before rinsing. L’Oréal recommend using the product up to three times per week and says you can use it in addition to regular conditioner.

The result? Smoother, shinier hair that looks sleek for longer and feels super-soft to the touch. Plus, if you're someone whose hair becomes tangled as soon as you finish brushing (we hear you!), you'll notice that it's easier to comb through and is likely to stay knot-free for longer. It's the ideal product for the colder months when hats and scarves wreak havoc with our hair.

Sold? You can also buy the top-rated product as a duo for just $13.80 instead of $27.60, so you never need to worry that you'll run out.