The 12 Best Lip Oils to Replace Your Usual Gloss

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One reason I’m personally ecstatic about the end of dreary winter weather? The end of the incessant need to constantly keep reapplying my favorite lip balm. But, because I am not one to let my lip get chapped for even a moment, I’ve swapped them out for a new lip oil this season. 

It’s no secret that oils have been at the center of the beauty zeitgeist lately: hair oils and face oils reign supreme these days, so it was only a matter of time before it reached our lips, too. Lightweight, protective, and ultra-reflective, the best lip oils act as a barrier to your lips to lock in moisture all day long. Think of them as the 2022 edition of even the best lip gloss.

It also seems that Hollywood—and the internet—has taken note of the trend, too. Emily Alyn Lind, the star of HBO Max's recent Gossip Girl reboot, swears by it. Bella Hadid (opens in new tab) has applied it in a few videos on her TikTok. Users on the app have even sold out Dior’s viral Addict Lip Glow Oil a few times over thanks to its luscious glossy look and hydrating feel. Associated with the viral “clean” makeup trend that’s currently dominating the app, Gen Z has dubbed it the go-to lip product of summer 2022. 

Keep reading to read all about the best ones to choose from right now, including a few hand-selected picks from our very own beauty team here at Marie Claire. 

Julia Marzovilla
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