Cool or Creepy? Barbed Wire Brows Are the Latest Badass Trend to Hit Instagram

If you dare...

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In case you thought you were fresh out of ways to style your face, there's a new revelation in the too-cool-for-spool saga. Enter: Barbed wire brows, the badass cousin of the recently-hatched feather brows.

Makeup artist Athena Paginton first shared her devil-may-care creation on Instagram, further proving that the days of the picture-perfect, pencil-chiseled arch will soon be behind us. And who's complaining? Any trick to disguise those rogue morning hairs (or the undeniable wreckage the week before I see my brow guru) is welcome here.

Tap some clear gel on your fingers, then twist a few sections of each brow in opposing directions. Annnnd done—no three-piece kit required.

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