Huda Beauty and Kahlana Barfield Brown Just Launched an Eyelash Collaboration

Introducing the Kahlana Lash.

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False lashes walk a fine line of either being overtly glam or underwhelmingly natural. It's difficult to find a style that seamlessly blends these distinct looks together to create the best of both worlds in a lash you can wear for every occasion. Leave it to fashion and beauty aficionado Kahlana Barfield Brown and Huda Beauty to do it, and do it well.

Barfield Brown, a former InStyle fashion and beauty director, is a champion in the editorial industry and has mastered the art of hustling. A quick scroll through her Instagram showcases just how flawless she manages to look in the midst of her jet-setting schedule. Brown's latest venture is her very own Kahlana #21 Lash, which features wispy synthetic lashes that look effortlessly cool.

What's special about these synthetic fibers is that they mimic the look of natural lashes so you don't have to worry about them looking fake. The dramatic appeal is achieved thanks to the double-stacked, crisscross design, which brings an elegant touch of volume and makes them versatile enough to sustain a crazy-packed calendar.

"Kahlana was the perfect person to collaborate with on a beautifully elegant, yet edgy and cool everyday lash," Huda Beauty says. "As a beauty director and fashion icon, we insisted on creating a lash together that worked for the hectic daytime schedule of an editor and could easily transform into something elegant enough for evening events and galas. This lash does it all, just like Kahlana!”

Huda partners with women who empower other women, and aims for her products to reflect that. In such an overly-saturated market of makeup, you can trust that Barfield Brown's beauty expertise over-delivered with this flawlessly wispy lash, which took her and Huda over an year to design together.

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(Image credit: Huda Beauty)

“It was so refreshing to me to be partnering with a major brand who values inclusion and diversity in beauty,” says Barfield Brown, who is intentional about making sure her professional ventures align with her values. “They understand representation matters and I respect them for it! I was coming from a different space in the industry, having worked for years in editorial. But they knew and respected my work as a beauty editor and loved that I brought something different to the table."

Barfield Brown is a legend in the magazine industry, and she's now a full-time businesswoman who has paved a powerful path in the beauty industry. She's worked on campaigns with major beauty brands like Bobbi Brown, CoverGirl, and Olay. Now, she can add product development to her repertoire.

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