Makeup Fixers

Top tricks for concealing the three flaws you tell us bother you most.

To Enlarge Small Eyes...

Avoid overly plucked brows. It may seem counterintuitive, but a wide expanse of skin between your upper lashline and your brow will only call attention to how small your eyes are,says Barose.

Try removing a few extra hairs below the peak of your arches for a lifted effect. Be sure to curl your lashes and layer on plenty of lengthening mascara, too. (For best results, tip yourchin up, look down and clamp lash curler as close as possible to base of lashes.)

Tip: Wear one soft color -- a golden toneif your complexion is medium to dark, or white if it's fair -- all over yourlid from the lashline to below the brow to keep your eyes from lookingclosed in.

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To Sculpt Cheekbones...

Avoid blush brushes with headsthat are very small (i.e., the ones that usually come in the compact) andproduce war-paint-like stripes, or that are extremely big and diffuse colorall over your face.

Try using a standard-sizepowder brush to apply blush to your forehead, in the hollows of your cheeksand just under your jaw to create a subtly sculpted effect. Be sure to workin quick, light strokes so that color doesn't settle noticeably in one spot.

Tip: The darker your skin, the more pigment yourblush should have. If your complexion is medium to dark, you may evensubstitute bronzer for blush.

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To Downplay a Large Nose...

Avoid outdated "shading"techniques, such as using a dark blush or powder on either side of your noseto streamline its shape, says Nick Barose, a celebrity makeup artist basedin New York City. This trick only works in photos.

Try: smoothing a subtle shimmer cream (if your skin is normal to dry) orpowder (if your skin is oily) down the bridge of your nose to opticallyalter its size.

Tip: Make your lips or eyes thefocal point of your face, suggests Victoria's Secret makeup artist CharlieGreen. For example, go for heavily lined "cat eyes" or bold, red lips.

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