What's in Miss Piggy's Bag?

The ever-fashionable Muppet spills the secrets of her clutch.

(Image credit: Archives)

This month, the ever-fashionable Miss Piggy steals the spotlight in her new movie, The Muppets. Here, the felted diva spills the secrets of her clutch

Makeup: "For little cosmetic touch-ups. For heavy-duty work, I travel with a pit crew and a trowel."

Dog treats: "I always keep a few choice doggy treats for my precious pup, Foo-Foo. But, truth be told, Foo-Foo prefers room service."

Ski mask: "Surprisingly effective for the rare times I'm trying to avoid the paparazzi."

Sunglasses: "Most celebrities wear sunglasses so they won't be recognized, but I wear 'em cause they make me look even more famous!"

Police crime-scene tape: "Nothing says 'Keep out of my dressing room' like this and a chalk body outline."

Lavender Sharpies: "Signing autographs is a privilege. Just don't ask me when I'm canoodling with the frog!"

Notebook: "I am constantly jotting down ideas for TV, movies, theatrical spectaculars, etc. Of course, I don't take credit for all of my brainstorms, but if you saw it and liked it, it probably started here."

Photos of Kermie: "Moi's frog is usually close by, but if he's wandered off again, I distribute these and offer a reward."

Sunblock SPF 650: "I have very sensitive skin. My dermatologist said, 'You don't tan, you bake.'"

Hand mirror: "When you've had as much work done as moi, it's important to be reminded what you look like."

Jewelry: "Moi believes in aggressive accessorizing."

Gym card: "I don't go to a gym to work out. I use the phone number on this card to call my personal trainer, who works out for me. Let him sweat!"

Flash drive: "I often hear people say that I 'need no introduction.' Au contraire! When I make an entrance, I prefer a big buildup. This contains 'The Miss Piggy Story' PowerPoint presentation for just such occasions."

The bag: Silver Marc Jacobs clutch. "Moi's Marc Jacobs clutch complements everything I wear. Come to think of it, Marc himself compliments everything I wear, especially when he designed it."