The Lazy-Girl Way to Make Your Lips Look Bigger—Fast

No fillers required.

Woman with bright lipstick
(Image credit: CoffeeAndMilk)

Once upon a time, the world (ahem, Kylie Jenner) decided that thin, perfectly beautiful lips were no longer en vogue, and it was all about poutier, fuller, larger-than-life lips (opens in new tab). Naturally, people became obsessed because, well, duh. Unfortunately, though, lip fillers are pretty expensive and pretty permanent (most injectable fillers last up to nine months). And if you're a self-proclaimed lazy girl who just wants to experience the plump-lip life for a day, needles are not for you. But there are plenty of other options to choose from: There are plumping lip glosses that swear to give your lips the volume boosts they so desperately crave. You can pick up a lip balm (opens in new tab) that promises more than just hydration hours after you slick it on. Or, you know, there's always the lip implant route if you want something really long-lasting.

Luckily, the beauty industry has been faking big lips for the better part of forever, and most of the tricks are as easy as dabbing on a few products in strategic places. So to help us out, we asked makeup artist and beauty blogger Hillary Kline (opens in new tab) for her expert recommendations on creating fuller, more-defined lips with as little effort as possible. See her best tips and some of our favorite tools, ahead.

Bianca Rodriguez

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