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Meet the New Cool-Girl Makeup Line Selling Out Like Crazy

Beauty junkies, take note.

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Oil Lip Stain

If you're not already fangirling out 🙆  over Milk Makeup, it's probably because you just can't get your hands on it. 

In the beauty world, a new "it" miracle mascara or flawless foundation can come onto the scene at any time. But it's rare that an entire beauty brand has all the "it" products at once. Then Milk Makeup came along, and mass hysteria ensued. 

Milk is a line of high-concept, low-maintenance products that are made with top-notch "Milk Melt" technology and the most natural ingredients around. Each item was planned and crafted with the intention of being a beauty essential. Think: paraben- free, preservative-free, cruelty-free, fuss-free. What more could you want?

Since the brand launched on February 8th, it has already found a cult-like following, including celebs like Liv Tyler, Kate Bosworth, and Elsa Hosk. But supply can't keep up with demand: 15 products are already sold out. Inventory is so low (and obsession levels so high) that some of the sold-out products are listed on Amazon for more than double the retail price 😳. 

Highlighter, Cooling Water, and Matte Bronzer

The moral of this beauty saga is this: #MakeupEnvy is plaguing the nation and you should stock up before it's too late. You can get it on their site, at Sephora, and Urban Outfitters. May the beauty odds be ever in your favor.

Face Gloss

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