Demi Lovato Covers Ed Sheeran's "Give Me Love"

She gave it everything she's got.

Demi Lovato
(Image credit: Marie Claire)

We wouldn't trust Ed Sheeran's "Give Me Love" with just anyone, and have to hand it to Demi Lovato — she pulled it off. During her hour-long set at iHeartRadio Live, the 21-year-old tackled the heart-wrenching torch song and gave it everything she got.

"This my surprise," she told the crowd before launching into the ballad. "It's one of my favorite songs. This song means everything to me."

Lovato's passion for the song showed true, so much so that Sheeran himself complemented the singer in a tweet:

Update: It seems that Sheeran was so impressed with Lovato's cover, he felt compelled to perform it with her! During 104.3's Big Night Out concert, Sheeran and Lovato took the stage and performed the song together. Watch, below:

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