What's In Kristen Bell's Purse?

Inside Kristen Bell's bag.

kristen bell makeup bag
(Image credit: Jeff Westbrook)

"Always, always, always! My mom insisted on SPF," says Kristen Bell, who stayed UV-protected in Hawaii filming Forgetting Sarah Marshall. Now a spokesperson for Jergens and the Skin Cancer Foundation's Glow in the Dark campaign, Bell spills her safe-sun secrets.

La Mer The OilAbsorbing Lotion

iPod Nano in Black: "I love Marvin Gaye and Brett Dennen."

Airforce Nutrisoda: "It's like carbonated juice but doesn't taste like a Flintstones vitamin. And there are almost no calories."

LeSportsacBag: "The little pouches inside hold your products—and no biggie if it gets wet."

Bumbleand Bumble SurfSpray: "I love the way hair looks after the beach, when there's all that salt in it. This re-creates that."

Jergens NaturalGlow Face SPF 20: "Blonde hair, blue eyes, and orange skin? That's an Oompa Loompa—not cute. This gives a believable glow."

C.O.Bigelow Mentha LipBalm: "This has SPF and makes your breath smell nice."

JovanWhite Musk: "My mom wore this. I remember paying $8 a bottle, but now it's $13. Man, Jovan's prices are through the roof!"

Fresh Lipglossin Sugar Desire

Essie Polish inPepperoni andLike Linen: "Pepperoni is really cute for toes."

Persol TortoiseshellSunglasses (with UV-shield lenses): "These are like old-money, grandpa-on-Manhattan-Beach kind of glasses."

KérastaseResistance Conditioner: "In Hawaii, my hair was dry and flat. For body, I conditioned the ends with this."

Lizzie ScheckRings: "Lizzie designed Carrie's horseshoe necklace on Sex and the City."

Emergen-C Cranberry: "I take one before flying. If I skip it, I get sick."

Clinique Naturally Glossy Mascara: For more tips from Bell, go to Jergens.com/GlowInTheDark

"If you ever want to feel really beautiful, go to Hawaii. You're surrounded by flowers and sunlight—so everything looks better!"