Milk Makeup's Viral Cooling Water Jelly Tint Has a Truly Innovative Texture

The cheek-and-lip stain launched with a 45,000-person waitlist.

Milk Jelly Tint
(Image credit: Milk Beauty)

If you're even a little bit online, you've likely heard of Milk Makeup's Cooling Water Jelly Tints—but you might not have been lucky enough to get your hands on one (yet). The innovative lip and cheek stains launched yesterday, immediately selling out at Sephora and flooding TikTok's algorithm.

The brand describes the new product as "a sheer, jelly lip and cheek stain made with cooling seawater and aloe for a buildable, long-lasting watercolor effect." When they say jelly, they really mean it: Each of the four colors—a true red ("Chill"), berry ("Splash"), coral ("Spritz"), and poppy pink ("Burst")—wiggles like Jell-O.

Milk Jelly Tint

 Milk Makeup's Cooling Water Jelly Tints are available now.

(Image credit: Milk Beauty)

"The innovative jelly-like texture is so easy to apply, all you gotta do is swipe and blend," shares the brand. "First, glide the top of the stick over lips and cheeks to get a sheer, buildable burst of color, then blend with a brush or sponge." While the product should be kept away from direct sunlight, a simple solution is to keep it in the fridge for a truly refreshing blush experience.


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Over on TikTok, the products' unusual consistency was all the buzz. (You can scroll through the overwhelmed hashtag #MilkJellyTint for proof.) One influencer even gave her tint a bite to test its consistency. "I know we're all thinking it, so I'm gonna do it," she says in the clip. (Please don't do this at home.) Other videos featuring the tints have over a million views, with fans already planning their summer makeup looks. "Imagine this but in the summer with that golden hour," one fan wrote.

So far, reviewers report that Milk's Jelly Tint earned the hype (and the miles-long waitlist). "This is the perfect everyday blush. Very lightweight, glides on super easy," one early tester wrote in a five-star rated review. "Tint is pretty long-lasting and lasted all day long on my lips and cheeks," another five-star reviewer added. "It’s very easy to use and blend."

Are you jelly? Don't be. You can shop the product below.

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