This High-Tech Eye Patch Is Quite Literally the Only Product to Ever Reduce My Under-Eye Puffiness

The MZ Skin’s Lightmax Minipro Eyeconic LED Mask is see-it-to-believe-it good.

MZ Skin EyeMax LED Mask
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The Promise

“First of its kind” rarely actually equates to “first of its kind” in the objectively saturated beauty space. But occasionally, a brand comes out of the woodwork and surprises me. Cut to: MZ Skin’s latest launch, the Lightmax Minipro Eyeconic LED Mask. At first glance, it bears a striking resemblance to 2023 launches like CurrentBody’s LED Eye Perfector or Dr. Dennis Gross’ SpectraLite LED EyeCare Max Pro. Don’t get me wrong, just like competitors, MZ Skin utilizes red and infrared LED lights to stimulate collagen, reduce inflammation, and perk up tired eyes.  

But that’s where the similarities stop. Opposed to a boxy device, MZ Skin’s new launch resembles an under-eye patch. The reusable device is extremely thin—we’re talking 1.77 millimeters thick—making it ideal for travel. The tech device is also accompanied by skincare ingredient-infused hydrocolloid patches that attach to the back-side of the mask. There, you’ll find niacinamide, which helps with discoloration and fine lines, sodium hyaluronate, which hydrates and plumps, and a bio-active peptide, which strengthens the skin’s barrier.

Use the two pieces in tandem three to five times a week for 10 minutes, and the brand claims that you’ll see a 36 percent reduction in fine lines and wrinkles under the eyes. Is that all to expect? I (naturally) put the device to the test. 

Why I’m Obsessed

I was born with naturally puffy eyes and dark blue circles. I’ve tried virtually every eye cream in existence to brighten, de-puff, decrease inflammation—unfortunately, many are just filled with empty promises. Still, I’m always looking for the next, best innovation and I had a sneaky suspicion that MZ Skin’s latest launch might be just that. 

I’m a longtime fan of the brand’s gold-plated, at-home LED face mask, so I was fairly optimistic upon unboxing the Lightmax Minipro Eyeconic LED Mask. The initial set-up was a bit confusing if I’m being honest; it’s not a one-and-done assembly, there are a few pieces involved. But, once I figured out which hydrocolloid patches attached to which LED component—and how to apply the hyaluronic acid packets—I was in business. 

Puffy as ever, I squeezed the serum onto my finger and gently dapped the formula onto my under-eye contour, immediately securing the skin-side of the hydrocolloid patch (I keep mine stored in the fridge) to the area. I was admittedly nervous that it wouldn’t sufficiently grip my skin, but to my surprise, the LED stayed pretty secure as I went about my morning routine. 

The power button is conveniently located at the top of each patch and is set to a 10-minute timer. Once I pressed it, the patches lit up red. Despite looking a little crazy, I didn’t necessarily feel anything while they worked their magic. 

Once the timer went off, I simply peeled the lightweight devices away—there was no tugging or ripping on my skin—and popped over to the mirror to examine the results. The before-and-after difference? Well, it was undeniable. My puffiness all but disappeared as if all of the stagnant fluid had been drained. 

My dark circles looked incrementally brighter (nothing is going to entirely take away the blue-purple pigment), the skin looked smoother, and my under eye felt much more hydrated. I’m personally not all too concerned with wrinkles, but noticing a substantial change in the fine line department would take around four weeks. 

I wish I could say I possess the dedication to wearing this five times a week. But until I work up such determination, I’ll be obsessing over these patches as a quick, puffy-eyed fix. 

Samantha Holender
Beauty Editor

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