How to Have the Hair of a Goddess, Courtesy of 3 Industry Experts

Just in time for spring.

We enlisted Sally Hershberger Downtown salon senior stylist Matt Fugate (@mattshair) and salon owners Oscar Blandi (@OscarBlandi) and Jet Rhys (@jetrhyshair) to address your warm-weather hair concerns in 140 characters or less. Get ready for head-turning hair.

Q: The wet-hair look was a big trend for spring, but it seems crazy for real life. Can it work off the runway?@MISSROBINMELISS

A: A modified version totally can: Smear a dollop of pomade onto a comb, then use it to rake wet hair back off your face and let air-dry. (Matt Fugate)

Q: I cut my hair into a lob this winter, but I'm ready to grow it out—how?@BLAIRLINZ

A: Biotin can help promote hair growth. Since full hair looks longer, trick the eye by dyeing a darker shade to plump cuticles in the meantime. (Jet Rhys)

Q: I keep seeing new products for hair "anti-aging." What does that even mean?—@JSLOANER16

A: Estrogen starts to drop in the mid-30s, causing hair to "age" and become dry. Products with vitamin B and fatty acids help add moisture. (Rhys)

Q: Now that it's getting warmer, I'm outdoors more often. How do I preserve a hairstyle in the heat?—@SPILLEIGH

A: Before working up a sweat, prep hair with dry shampoo at the roots and twist hair into a whimsical topknot to prolong the style. (Rhys)

Q: I change my skincare routine each spring. Should I switch up my haircare regimen?—@MDA_131

A: Hair can become "immune" to products over time. Take a break from your shampoo and conditioner for a month to help maintain effectiveness. (Oscar Blandi)

Q: My hair gets brassy the minute I spend a day in the sun. How do I prevent that?—@LINDBERGISLAND

A: UV-protecting leave-in conditioner keeps hair from going orange. A violet-tinted mask once weekly also adds back cool tones. (Fugate)

Q: I'm bored with highlights. How can I refresh my color for this season?—@JESSICAREDLER

A: Vibrant temporary sprays—think colorful tips—add a cool vibe to tired color. (Fugate)

Q: Winter has left my hair crazy- dull. What are some ways to boost shine?—@ASHLEYNAFTALY

A: A clear gloss treatment at the salon is a great way to instantly refresh lifeless strands—like lip gloss, but for hair! (Blandi)

Q: I'm looking for a new short hairstyle. How do I keep my cut from looking like a soccer mom?—@WHITNEYWEIDNER

A: It's all in the styling! Avoid round brushes that could make you look overdone and use hands to tousle as you dry instead. (Fugate)

This article appears in the March 2015 issue of Marie Claire, on newsstands now.

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