Here's Your SXSW Packing List, Courtesy of Michelle Phan

Packing sucks. That's why we asked a SXSW regular, makeup entrepreneur, and YouTube queen to do it for us.

Your daytime look

"Something casual and cool, like a T-shirt from Sub Urban Riot. Or an illustrated T-shirt from Valfre and a skater skirt from Amen or Lovers and Friends. Throw on stilettos or boots and I'm good to go. SXSW is all about technology and music—it's not cool to overdress!"

Your nighttime look

"I'm all about ease—a maxi dress and a cute leather jacket. (I just discovered some awesome vegan leather jackets from 12Ten!). If I need to do a complete change: something colorful from AQ/AQ or an LBD from Reformation."

beauty products

1. IOPE BB Cream Compact. "Built-in moisturizer, medium coverage, and sunscreen." ($55,

2. Aromatica Good Sleep Roll On in Lavender. "I use this oil every night and it immediately helps to calm me down." ($18,

3. Egyptian Magic All Purpose Face Cream. "I love this for removing my make-up and hydrating my face." ($38,

4. Cremorlab's Facial Mist. "Perfect for a hydrating boost whenever you skin is feeling dry and fatigued or when you are outdoors."($18,

5. em Scribble Calligraphy Liquid Liner in Tattoo Black Liquid Liner. "Smudge and budge proof." ($18,

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Michelle Phan