Here's Your SXSW Packing List, Courtesy of Michelle Phan

Packing sucks. That's why we asked a SXSW regular, makeup entrepreneur, and YouTube queen to do it for us.

Stefanie Keenan Photography

Here are your fashion musts:

Your daytime look

"Something casual and cool, like a T-shirt from Sub Urban Riot. Or an illustrated T-shirt from Valfre and a skater skirt from Amen or Lovers and Friends. Throw on stilettos or boots and I'm good to go. SXSW is all about technology and music—it's not cool to overdress!"

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Your nighttime look

"I'm all about ease—a maxi dress and a cute leather jacket. (I just discovered some awesome vegan leather jackets from 12Ten!). If I need to do a complete change: something colorful from AQ/AQ or an LBD from Reformation."

And your beauty picks:

1. IOPE BB Cream Compact. "Built-in moisturizer, medium coverage, and sunscreen." ($55,

2. Aromatica Good Sleep Roll On in Lavender. "I use this oil every night and it immediately helps to calm me down." ($18,

3. Egyptian Magic All Purpose Face Cream. "I love this for removing my make-up and hydrating my face." ($38,

4. Cremorlab's Facial Mist. "Perfect for a hydrating boost whenever you skin is feeling dry and fatigued or when you are outdoors."($18,

5. em Scribble Calligraphy Liquid Liner in Tattoo Black Liquid Liner. "Smudge and budge proof." ($18,

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