6 Tricks to Keep Your Makeup in Place from the 'Dancing with the Stars' Makeup Artist

Because who (but seriously who) would know better?

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Dancing is hard work. Dancing in front of an audience, under hot lights for both stage and screen, and looking good while doing it? That's even harder. But contestants on ABC's Dancing with the Stars do it—and do it well—thanks in large part to celebrity makeup artist Zena Shteysel. She's responsible for the gorgeous looks you see each and every week on the show, as dancers and "real people" (you're not fooling anyone pop stars with rhythm) compete for a chance to win it all.

Considering we can't go a full day without having something smudge and we're just SITTING DOWN, we got the scoop from Shteysel on how she makes those looks stay on and stay put.

Use specially-formulated foundation

"To keep makeup in place, use a long wearing foundation that can withstand heat and sweat. I like Stila's Stay All Day Foundation ($44; nordstrom.com) or Tarte's Amazonian Clay 12-hour full coverage foundation ($38; beauty.com)—these are great products that reduce touch ups to avoid makeup looking cakey."

Gel is your friend

"Instead of eye liner pencils, which can end up running and smearing, I opt for a gel eyeliner. They're easy to apply with the right brush and will not budge."

Add a step before your eye shadow

"I apply concealer on the lids prior to eye shadow application. This creates an even surface and gives the shadow something to stick to that will help it stay in place all day."

Use hairspray—on your brows

"I keep brows in place by spraying a tiny bit of hairspray on a mascara wand and then using the wand to brush the hairs into place."

Stick with a stain or liquid lipstick

"I like a lot of color on the lips but it has to stay put, so I use long-wearing lip colors like Stila's Stay All Day Liquid Lipsticks ($22; sephora.com). These formulas can be drying, so adding a lip balm will keep lips moisturized without the stickiness of gloss."

Touch-up palettes = life

"Even with the tips above to help makeup stay put, maintenance is the main key to keeping the look fresh all day. That's why I carry a Z Palette, an empty magnetic palette, that can house all the products I used for quick touch-ups."

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