The Foundation Longevity Test: 7 Editors, 9 Hours, and 0 Touch-Ups

We did it for you.

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In the name of truth and discovery (and *finally* figuring out which foundation will last all day), seven brave Marie Claire editors volunteered for/were coerced into going where no woman has willingly gone before: through a brutal nine hours of work with just her morning coat of base, a mighty helping of self-restraint, and the small comfort that her sacrifice would ease others' decision-making in the makeup aisle between cream/powder/liquid and $/$$/$$$.

Below, see the results of our informal trial—promise to use this knowledge for good, okay?

[Editor href='' target='_blank">this super-special way all over the face']


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"First things first: I have never—I repeat: NEVER—gone a full day without touching up my makeup, but I resisted the temptation today all for the sake of science. Or...not-so-scientific testing. Whatever. The point is, I had a teeth-cleaning at lunch, spent all day absent-mindedly rubbing my face from stress, and accidentally spilled water down my chin in a meeting (yeah I'm really cool), and I think the makeup held up pretty well! You can see some redness on my chin, and I can neurotically tell that some acne scars are showing through on my cheek, and I'm a bit shinier than I like to be. But I'm impressed that my under-eye circles don't look as dark as I'd imagined, and that overall things look pretty even. Win!"


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"I think my makeup kind of looks exactly the same. It doesn't make my skin feel oily at all, just super clean. I still definitely have the amount of coverage I wanted."


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"Besides feeling (and looking) 62 percent more Over It by the time photo #2 rolled around, I did notice a bit more forehead grease and some weird separation around the nose. But this foundation did still perform well, i.e. it remained a thin, fancy-smelling veil of color, and it was fun to squish."

"I usually don't wear foundation, but when I want a quick smattering of coverage, I go for pressed powder. Wearing this all day felt natural thanks to a feather-light formula, but it did wear off enough that I would (under normal circumstances) want to reapply a time or two."


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"This stuff is amazing! I applied only enough to get a medium amount of coverage, and it held up pretty much the entire day. I guess I did notice some shine underneath my eyes. The overall color was a little duller too, but other than that, it was perfect. I definitely had no urge to touch up."


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"I really don't notice much difference. I don't feel like I'm shiny or anything. It's still matte, which is what I typically get nervous about throughout the day. I normally have to blot with an oil-removing pad or rice paper, but I feel like this stayed matte, which I'm excited about."


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"I noticed my skin got a little more oily throughout the day. The coverage is still pretty much the same, which is amazing—it covers every blemish. But I do see I have excess oil to the point where I feel like I look a little shiny. On the other hand, I've never found a cream that covers as well as this."