The Super Smart/Sneaky Way Queen Letizia Does Her Eye Makeup

Bow down.
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They haven't made a 100 Years of European Royal Beauty in 1 Minute video yet (submitting idea now, BTW), but if they did, it would be like nothing, nothing, nothing, nothing, nothing, Princess Diana, Kate Middleton's eyeliner, QUEEN LETIZIA OF SPAIN.

She doesn't get as much play as her British counterpart, but she totally should. Girl knows her away around a hairline braid…


Non-boring eye makeup...


And this ingenious method of applying eyeliner.


In a spin on the ol' nude-on-the-waterline trick, she's brought the line a smidge away from the bottom outer corner for a kind of animé-ish, trompe-l'oeil effect that's flattering/eye-enlarging in pictures and *super modern* in person. (At least, I imagine I would think that if I were the president of Peru attending a reception in my honor, which is where this photo is from.)

The only way she could do better in my book is if she were to try out the rhinestone strip from Rodarte Fall 2015. Then she would graduate from a Queen to a Khaleesi KWEEENNN.

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