Galaxy Hair Is the Cosmic Dye Job of Your Dreams

Do it for the Insta.

Design by Jennifer Chalet

Space travel is complicated—so why not just go cosmic with your 'do? The latest internet-born dye trend is inspired by the jewel-tone-rich solar systems seen only though NASA-grade telescopes. Meet: galaxy hair.

Dreamed up by Jenny Regec, owner and lead colorist at Brooklyn-based salon The Paint Box, the astronomical look consists of "multi tonal hair color flowing from blues, purples, greens, sometimes reds as well as silver tone—typically more pigmented and less pastel."

Courtesy of The Paint Box

As you can imagine, getting galaxy hair is an hours-long process—first you have to bleach the hair, then the stylist will meticulously apply different colors with a faded finish (i.e. do not dare try this at home). And from there, it requires regular touch-ups to keep the vivid hues from fading. 

But if this look is screaming out to you—and you must do it for the Insta—may the force be with you.

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