Fergie Spends Half Her Day Cleansing and Just Invented Our Favorite New Hashtag

The pop star chats about her new fragrance and why #Breast is the new #Blessed.

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As anyone who lived through 2006 knows, Fergie is "up in the gym working on her fitness"—but her good health also comes courtesy of cleansing. The entrepreneur is a bonafide beauty expert with five perfumes under her belt, so it's no surprise that her biggest beauty secret is wellness-focused. Sure, Fergie slathers on the eye cream, but she also starts her day with a green smoothie, two bottles of water, two pressed juices, and a plant-based protein shake.

"Instead of having solid food I have a green smoothie," she said during a media session at New York's London Hotel (she kept things healthy with water while the rest of us sipped on her family's wine). "Half the day is cleanse and workout, and I feel great and ready to conquer everything work wise—but first off, being a mother of my two-year-old son, Axl."

Fergie was in New York in honor of Breast Cancer Awareness month, specifically to support the thousands of women who marched in the AVON 39 Walk To End Breast Cancer on October 17-18. It's a cause close to Fergie's heart thanks to her own family history of cancer, and now she's all about women encouraging their friends to get checked as part of the #BeABreastFriend campaign.

"My dad was diagnosed with stage four cancer twice and has beat it, twice," Fergie told us. "It's been miraculous. My mom is a survivor as well, stage two. I lost my grandmother and my uncle to cancer. So I think it affects everyone. Everybody knows a survivor or someone who's been affected by cancer in some way."

The former Black Eyed Peas singer is giving a portion of the sales from her new scent, Outspoken PARTY, to The Avon Breast Cancer Crusade, and says that the floral perfume is tied to memories of her parents. Specifically, her mom's lasagna. (Side note: Fergie is the best.)

"My favorite memory as a child is my mom cooking her lasagna, which has nothing to do with any of my fragrances," Fergie told us. "But a lot of my fragrances encompass many different fruits that my dad used to grow in the backyard. He's still growing fruit in the backyard, he grows all of the syrah grapes for our family Ferguson Crest boutique winery...I thought he was a farmer."

Fergie's family wine is just one of her many endeavors, all of which she's refreshingly dedicated to. It's not unusual for pop stars to juggle brands and promotions, but Fergie's projects always seem to circle back to her commitment to women's health. She might not be performing in front of a giant "FEMINIST" sign à la Beyonce anytime soon, but she's certainly doing her part. "I've got my collection of fragrances and they're so beautiful on my vanity and I feel like such a lucky girl," she said while promoting Outspoken PARTY. "Hashtag blessed...or, hashtag breast."

Find out more about Fergie's Avon partnership here.

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