The "Secret Weapon" Makeup Trick I'm Stealing from Beyoncé's Righthand Man Sir John

Meet the sculpting blush.

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I do not have, nor will I ever have Beyoncé's glow. I've come to terms with this reality, but that hasn't stopped me from stealing a trick from her right-hand man and one of our 2016 Image Makers (opens in new tab), Sir John. In our February 2016 issue, he revealed to us his one secret weapon product on the job and that's matte taupe blush. 

"I blend it under the cheekbones, on the temples and eyelids, and underneath the jawline to create a sense of depth," he explained. 

To me, this seemed like a softer, subtle, and more fluid alternative to a heavy contour, which for someone who's pinky-pale like me, can be tricky to pull off. (Plus, I tend to worry that pink blush makes me look even more flushed than I already am.)

As if Sir John's revelation wasn't enough divine intervention, I recently got my hands on LORAC's new Spring 2016 collection and one of its hallmark offerings: the Color Source Buildable Blush (opens in new tab) in Cinematic—a rich taupe with plum undertones that works on all complexions. LORAC pro National artist Dean Fournier described this shade in particular as the ultimate "sculpting blush." And Bingo, I'd found my shade, and was ready to go the drawing board AKA my face, Sir John's beauty gospel as my guide.

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After using a concealer stick and liquid foundation to create a solid base, I swooshed my blush brush around in the compact, tapped the brush, then tested a little on my hand to ensure the pigment wouldn't be too concentrated. Then, as instructed, I applied it underneath my cheekbones (starting from my ear and stopping where the outer corner of my eye aligns with the cheekbone), temples, lids, and underneath the jawline. Hoping for a light wash versus harsh lines, I then cleaned all the formula off of my brush and used it to blend out the color as much as possible. 

Minutes later, my lifeless, winter morning face was instantly perked up. I had a natural-looking contour that made me feel polished, but not *too* done. If you're in the market for a new blush, contour powder, or both, this is the holy grail product you've been waiting for.

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LORAC Color Source Buildable Blush in Cinematic, $22; (opens in new tab).

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