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Hair Icicles Are the Less-Messy Alternative to All Those Other Hair Trends

Frost yourself.

In 2010, Beyoncé hit the Grammys sporting a whole new kind of bling: glitter-coated highlights. Her hairstylist created the look by weaving Bella Via Hair Glitz tinsel into her strands.

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Now, six years later, us mere mortals can finally experience the the 'do-enhancing powers of these metallic ribbon streaks. Inspired by the rapid-fire hair adornments trend of late (particularly gold leaf hair), RPZL Salon is now offering its very own "hair icicles" made of 100 percent Remy virgin hair at $25 a weft.

Courtesy of RPZL

Less maintenance than glitter roots and reminiscent of the shimmer-obsessed '90s, hair icicles are the perfect touch for when things are feeling a liiiittle drab in the winter. Try 'em with super-sleek strands for a more polished look like Queen Bey or with messy, lived-in texture for rock 'n' roll vibes.

Courtesy of RPZL

And if you want to hack the look at home, look no further than Bling String—hologram hair extensions you can buy by the roll for a wallet-friendly $10. 

Courtesy of RPZL

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