This Moisturizer Will Give You the Dewiest Skin of Your Life and Has the Water Droplets to Prove It

My face has never looked better naked.

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Though I love K-beauty linchpin Dr.Jart+, when I first heard about their new Water Drop moisturizer, I was a liiiittle skeptical. Rumor within the beauty-editor community had it that when you smoothed it on, magical little bubbles would form and kiss your skin with dewy, hydrating magic. But does that even sound real?!

When I first applied the milky, primer-like gel on my own skin as a test, it liquified and suddenly little sun-shower droplets began sprouting up. It felt like a gentle burst all over my face (as promised on the packaging) and was admittedly lovely. But hocus-pocus aside, would it really hold up for the day-to-day of my high-maintenance complexion?

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After wearing the hyaluronic-happy emulsion to sleep at night, and beneath my foundation during the day for the past week, I've been pleased to find that it really, really does. It doesn't cramp the style of my concealer/medium coverage foundation while giving me a subtle luminosity I never really thought possible given my bone-dry, dull skin.

But best of all, my naturally-splotchy face just looks better naked. I suspect this is because it's formulated with brightening green tea and centella asiatica extract, a notorious healer in traditional medicine communities as it increases the migration and adhesion of new skin cells.

Bottom line: There really is something to the fancy-sounding "special emulsion droplet system." It's not just fun to watch.

Dr. Jart+ Water Drop Hydrating Moisturizer, $36;

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